Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cuccinelli opens a window to his private side with new ad

Ken Cuccinelli has gone public in a new television spot with a side of himself that I thought would forever remain private.

In 2006, just a couple of months after the conclusion of the General Assembly session Ken Cuccinelli's close friend MPO Michael Garbarino was gunned down in a one man assault on the Sully District police station in Western Fairfax County.

For nine days, MPO Garbarino remained in intensive care until he succumbed to his wounds.  During that time, Ken Cuccinelli visited constantly, and upon passing served at the funeral of his friend.  This was time he spent away from politics and his busy law practice.  This was time he spent away from his own family.  I can tell you he was visibly shaken up and subdued during this time.  You can see it in the video.

MPO Garbarino left behind a wife and two daughters as shown in Ken Cuccinelli's new ad.  When I met Suzanne Garbarino a year later I was astounded how she was such a rock for her children.  In order to honor Mrs. Garbarino's wishes Ken Cuccinelli's involvement was to remain private.  He honored those wishes.

This is why this video is important to me.  It has been seven years since MPO Garbarino was gunned down in cold blood.  Ken Cuccinelli's reaction in this matter is the reaction of a private and sincere individual.  That Mrs. Garbarino has allowed these private events to become public is important because it shows the genuine human being Ken Cuccinelli was and continues to be.  I am happy that Mrs. Garbarino has allowed this video to be taken.

He may be an extreme caricature in the media, but this is a moment to reinforce that Ken Cuccinelli, for all his perceived faults, is a genuine, honest, and good man.  For these reasons alone, he deserves your consideration.

As noted in 2011 there is always more than meets the eye.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cuccinelli relieved from case, McDonnell still in the crosshairs

In the case of former chef to the Executive mansion Todd Schneider, AG Cuccinelli's office (as predicted) has been let out of the case.

In response to discovery motions implicating Governor Bob McDonnell, AG Cuccinelli's office moved the court to allow the AG's office to be recused from the case.  Schneider's attorneys objected. 

At a hearing this afternoon, Judge Margaret Spencer of the Richmond City Circuit Court allowed AG Cuccinelli's office to withdraw from the case. 

Norfolk Commonwealth's attorney, Greg Underwood (D) will be handling the prosecution from now on.  Commonwealth's Attorney, Paul Ebert was not selected for reasons not apparent from any news source at this time.

The AP reports that the motion to dismiss has been delayed until May 14, 2013.  Given the fact the recusal motion has been granted, I strongly predict the motion to dismiss will be denied.

Governor McDonnell still faces the possibility of substantial disclosure of records regarding his family's use of assets at the Governor's mansion.  With AG Cuccinelli's office out of the picture, he is likely anxious to find out what will happen next.