The Road to Redistricting Litigation in Virginia - 2011

A lawsuit is likely based on the proposed Virginia redistricting plans and the reaction thus far to the Virginia House, Virginia Senate, and Virginia Congressional plans.  Below is a compilation of primary and secondary sources on redistricting in Virginia for 2011.

Updated May 8, 2011

The Virginia Senate Redistricting Plan is Designed for Litigation series
Part Three: The Maps April 1, 2011
Part Two: The Districts March 31, 2011 
Part One: The Law March 30, 2011

Primary Sources
Commonwealth of Virginia Redistricting Website (The other primary sources pale in comparison)

Governor’s Nonpartisan/Bipartisan Redistricting Commission (They do not seem to have their own website) (Ignored by the General Assembly)

Student Competition to Draw Fair Redistricting Maps (Ignored by the General Assembly)


Case Law
Wilkins v. West (Final decision regarding compactness and contiguity)

Activist (Blog) Commentary - Followed by Specific Posts of Personal Import
All Politics is Local - Vivian Paige (Left leaning) (She always seems to catch the redistricting items I missed in the MSM)

Bearing Drift (Right leaning)

Blue Virginia (Left leaning)

Not Larry Sabato (Left leaning)

Nova Common Sense (Right Leaning)

Too Conservative (Right leaning) (Great for Loudoun County Redistricting)

Virginia Virtucon (Right leaning)
See You In Court, Sen. Howell… (This is my personal favorite commentary thus far)