Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The real Ken Cuccinelli

Tuesday July 26, 2011 the Washington Times ran a column about Thomas Haynesworth, a man wrongfully accused of the heinous crime of rape as a young adult, and Kenneth Cuccinelli the (allegedly) ultra-conservative Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia who has been working to free and exonerate Mr. Haynesworth.  For those who know Mr. Cuccinelli personally the only thing surprising about this story is the publicity involved.

Mr. Cuccinelli is actually a decent and honorable man.  When he sees something that is clearly awry for which he has control he tries to do something about it.  Unlike the persona often portrayed in the media, partially of Mr. Cuccinelli’s own making, he actually has a moral compass that compels him to do the right thing instead of the political thing.  He would probably say that both are generally aligned in most instances.  Nonetheless, do not be surprised if this is not the last time Mr. Cuccinelli steps up in the name of justice, despite the cause traditionally being associated with the left side of the political spectrum.  For those who knew him before he had a statewide, and arguably national, stage we are thankful that the office has not changed him to remove those elements that are most admirable and human.

I am pleased to see Mr. Haynesworth is free, and hope to see him exonerated soon.  It is a travesty to him, and a loss to society to have unjustly ripped him from his life, smeared his name, and left him in the misery of prison.  I hope God and man make up for it from this day forward. 

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