Thursday, February 17, 2011

Virginia Attorney General retains Civil Investigative Demand powers

Ignoring the fact that Virginia’s current Attorney General will not always be Virginia’s Attorney General, two Senate Democrats (Sen. Don McEachin and Sen. Chap Petersen) and a Delegate (Del. David Toscano) in a politically motivated manner sought to curb the powers of the Virginia Attorney General to investigate fraud perpetrated on the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Today that attempt was unceremoniously put to rest in the House of Delegates Civil Subcommittee by voice vote.  The Democrats on the Subcommittee did not appear to even force a recorded vote.  Washington post coverage can be found here.

Attorney General Cuccinelli, and future Attorneys General, will retain their Civil Investigative demand powers.

A word to statewide office seekers:  If pushing politically motivated legislation that you know will fail, make a bigger deal about it.  Activists will remember how hard you fought for the things you believe in.

A link to a press conference of the bills’ supporters so you can hear their own words can be found here.
I discussed the flaws of the original proposals here.
Sen. McEachin’s quiet capitulation on his bill is discussed here.

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