Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cuccinelli relieved from case, McDonnell still in the crosshairs

In the case of former chef to the Executive mansion Todd Schneider, AG Cuccinelli's office (as predicted) has been let out of the case.

In response to discovery motions implicating Governor Bob McDonnell, AG Cuccinelli's office moved the court to allow the AG's office to be recused from the case.  Schneider's attorneys objected. 

At a hearing this afternoon, Judge Margaret Spencer of the Richmond City Circuit Court allowed AG Cuccinelli's office to withdraw from the case. 

Norfolk Commonwealth's attorney, Greg Underwood (D) will be handling the prosecution from now on.  Commonwealth's Attorney, Paul Ebert was not selected for reasons not apparent from any news source at this time.

The AP reports that the motion to dismiss has been delayed until May 14, 2013.  Given the fact the recusal motion has been granted, I strongly predict the motion to dismiss will be denied.

Governor McDonnell still faces the possibility of substantial disclosure of records regarding his family's use of assets at the Governor's mansion.  With AG Cuccinelli's office out of the picture, he is likely anxious to find out what will happen next.

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